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A story of love between mother and daughter. That is the essence of Jacki Design




Our story

From the metropolitan city of Sao Paulo, a businesswoman and her daughter and their love for "pretty and fashionable things" embarked on an adventure to provide accessible and high quality fashion accessories to women all over the world.

Their endeavor started right after her daughter, Jacqueline, have been accepted at a prestigious college in São Paulo. Already feeling the pain of letting her daughter leave the comfort of their hometown in the Southern part of Brazil, her mom decided to conveniently start a business in São Paulo to be closer to her daughter while pursuing her passion.

What started as a small business evolved into a company with more than 20 employees with offices in Asia and in the Americas.

Today, Jacki Design has a great mix of products and it is well known to offer accessories that cater to girls and elegant women. The same principles of love, care, attention to details that her mother followed to teach her daughter are the same that this business has as pillars.

What makes Jacki Design unique is its high quality, ever innovative and accessible accessories. 

Jacki Design International, Inc.

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Jaki Design!

    I am very please with my order and everything arrived safe and in one piece. Thank you so much for the follow up its highly appreciated Looking forward in doing business with you again soon.

    • Kedesha

    Yes everything was wonderful and ready to place another order already!

    • Beverly Rodgers

    My order with you was very good. The shipping was great. Thank you.

    • Shannons Closet

    I own a store in Australia and would love to buy your products. Do you have a warehouse or store in Australia that I could buy wholesale from?

    • Julie Anzolin

    Everything you do is from the heart. The quality of the items, attention to details.. I just wish I could buy everything you have. Good luck and best to all of you!!!

    • Linda Manson