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  • Summer Bliss Magazine/Accessory Organizer (Large)

    Summer Bliss Magazine/Accessory Organizer (Large)

  • Glossy Rose Mannequin (Large)

    Glossy Rose Mannequin (Large)

  • Bride Decoration (Medium) *On Sale*

    Bride Decoration (Medium) *On Sale*

  • Pin-Up Cheetah Tote Bag (Small)

    Pin-Up Cheetah Tote Bag (Small)

  • Retro Plaid Eyeglass Holder *SPECIAL*

    Retro Plaid Eyeglass Holder *SPECIAL*

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Differentiated and unique design that aims at meeting needs.


Developed products always following the latest national and international fashion trends.


Control and constant concern for excellence and practicality.


Materials of high standards that ensure greater strength and solidity to the products.

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